RevivalRy tHe bAnd froM LouTh UK & theiR YouNg Dreams

Revivalry Band

We are dreaming of creating an art social network that will rock the art world and bring artists – venues – public services and of course people together … This time also we are facing for a month now the situation with the Corona vIrus (difficult situation for all man kind) … One day though scrolling on the net we finD this gUy ‘Tiff Hubert’ asking our opInion about this band of hIs kId ‘Revivalry Band‘ from Louth UK and we realize again why all this started back in 2016 (Thank u Tiff) .. HumblY yOurs and Tons of ouR respect ‘Ben – Connie & Lewis ‘ age of 12 – 15 & 13 and their young DreaMs ….

So young bloods and lady give us a proper introduction about yourselves …

Connie: Hi I’m Connie Miles. I’m 15yrs old and I’m the singer and bassist. Ive been playing bass for just a few months.

Lewis: Hi my name is Lewis Hubbert, I’m 13yrs old and play the drums. I’ve been playing for about 5 yrs now.

Ben: Hi I’m Ben Townsend. I’m 12 years old and lead guitarist. Ive been playing guitar for just over a year

How did u start playing together as a Band?

Lewis: We all attend the same school and I have always wanted to be in a band. I knew Ben played the guitar so asked him if he wanted to come and jam with me and we then decided to try and form a band.

Ben: I had seen Connie sing in our school’s summer concert and thought she was amazing so me and Lewis decided to ask her to join.

Connie: We started playing together in late October last year. Ben and Lewis were looking for a singer and asked me; and of course I said yes!

What is exactly the meaning of ‘Rivavalry’ and what is the feeling that gets back 2 u?

Ben: To begin with me and Lewis came up with the name Revival as we just liked the sound of it.

Lewis: As we gained more followers and began to write our own music we decided to change the name as we wanted to be unique and there were many other bands called Revival which is when we changed it to Revivalry.

How would u describe your music?

Connie: Our music is mainly based off the indie Genre and our originals and mostly in the style of Arctic Monkeys. But we do have a mixture of genres within our set. Ben: I’m mainly influenced by Metal music, Lewis is mainly influenced by Indie music and Connie is influenced by blues/pop music which gives us a big variety in our sets and originals that we write.

How much is music affecting u (in the good way) in your every day life?

Ben : Music is a huge part of my life. It gives me something to do and I really enjoy practicing and also listen to other bands play.

Connie: I do a lot of music outside of the band too so the band has really helped me develop my confidence.

Lewis: Music is big part of my life. I spend everyday playing my drums and listening to music. I really enjoy going to big festivals and concerts. Infact we have been invited to play at Kendal Calling Festival this year which has 25000 people attending, and as you can imagine we are super excited about it and proud to be a part of it.

What are your lyrics about?

Lewis: Our original songs are mainly about love and teenage life. Connie writes most of the lyrics but me and Ben also help when we can.

How people are feeling about your decision is such a small age to start a band that kind of reminds us a bit of punk – rock – indie?

Connie: I think people are quite surprised when we start playing because they don’t expect young people like us to be so good at what we do.

What are your thoughts about your future as a band?

Connie: As a band we are hoping to support big bands or even have our own concerts.

Lewis: We cant wait to play at Kendal Calling Festival and are hoping to become famous one day. After the pandemic we are hoping to write and release even more EP’S and also and album.

Ben: We would love to get accepted to play at even more festivals and we will definitely be writing more music.

What is your favorite music genre?

Connie: We all seem to like the same type of Indie/rock music.

Ben: I also really enjoy listening to metal music.

These days that u are mostly staying inside your house because of the lock down, what are the things or thoughts or doings that make u feel better?

Ben: Ive been practicing my guitar mainly. I am looking forward to getting back to playing and practicing together.

Connie: Ive been writing music compositions for my music GCSE.

Lewis: Ive been drumming and just looking forward to getting back playing and practicing with the band.

What is your message to other children that are experiencing the same situation right now of the lock down?

Ben: Don’t go outside. Try and pick up a new skill or hobbie.

Connie: Try and start a hobbie or something to push yourself.

Lewis: Listen to music and if you can try learn to play an instrument.

Is music experience help u in your everyday life? If yes give us more of your answer

Lewis: Yes music has changed my life for the better because it has built my confidence a lot and also given me the chance to make new friends.

Ben: Yes it has given me more opportunities that some other kids don’t get, plus I can create music, be in a band and get to do band practice.

Connie: Yes music has helped me in everyday life because I have been able to meet new people and experience new things.

Where does inspiration coming from?

Lewis: My inspirtions come from my uncle John that gave me my first ever drum kit, my drum teacher Luddy and big bands like Arctic Monkeys, Greenday and Stereophonics.

Ben: My inspirations come from my Brother Luke, my Guitar teacher Martin and bands like Metallica and Motorhead

Connie: My inspirations come from many big singers and bands but also my dad who has helped me a lot to develop my musical skills.

What are your main influences for your own music?

Ben: Our main influences for our own music is mainly Arctic Monkeys and Catfish and the Bottlemen.

Who are your favorite artists?

Connie: Lewis Capaldi, Arctic Monkeys and Greenday

Ben: Arctic Monkeys, Catfish and the bottlemen, Motorhead and ACDC.

Lewis: Artic Monkeys, Catfish and the Bottlemen and Metallica

Who is responsible about your lyrics and music? How come u started composing and writing down melodic words and phrases?

Ben: I write the riffs, lewis plays the drums to them and organises it and Connie writes the lyrics

Connie: We usually all have so many ideas and our songs first stem from there.

Who are the people that helped u start this beautiful band?

Lewis: Our parents helped us all

‘Grown ups- Parents’, how are they facing your decision to create a band … are they helping in this decision? How are they being helpful?

Lewis: Our parents are really supportive; they help with everything from buying the equipment we need, getting us gigs, promoting us and even buying the recording equipment so they can record our original songs.

Ben Our parents help by taking us to the places we need to be and buying our equipment and giving us somewhere to practice

Connie. Our parents have supported us a lot with the band by buying equipment and getting gigs.

Revivalry Band

What is the word ‘Art’ means for u?

Ben: Art encompasses a lot of different things like music, drama and sketching

Lewis: To me Art is creativity

If you could make a wish for the future right now what would this be?

Connie: I wish that as a band we always stick together and do lots of big gigs.

Ben: Find a cure for cancer

Lewis: To stay together as a band and become famous. Also for the world to get through this coronavirus

Give to us – the readers and people your message to them and your punch line ..

Ben: Stay inside and stay safe. You’ve got to think of others. Keep clam and play music.

Connie: Never give up on something you want to do.

Lewis: Keep believing, keep practicing and follow your dreams.

Revivalry Band

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