KH from UkraIne & theiR dreams filled wiTh MuSic

Scrolling in social pages during the 1st days of Corona Virus we stumbled over KH from UkraIne & theiR dreams filled wiTh MuSic .. Their music seemed really interesting and started a conversation online that goes like this :

– How is the wheather over there in Ukraine (hahahahahahahahaha) a quick question just to make fun of the coronovirus time …??

It’s getting warmer in Ukraine.  There are rumors that sun will help with killing the coronavirus

  – What is the meaning of KH?

We were born in the city of Kharkiv, and “K” and “H” are the first letters.  We decided to leave Kharkiv in our name. But there is one more story .. KН (Kn) in Russian is CCTV.  We observing what is happening inside us and outside. And also it’s like coughing when you smoke.  Well, you understand…)

KH The Band

  – Make a proper introduction of the Band (names, instrument, background)

Kharkiv is fairly a small city by world standards, where everyone knows each other, especially in a culture crowd.

  We met a lot of times at festivals, each other concerts (everyone played in different groups), jams.  Vitaliy (drums), for example, plays in the most popular of these groups.  He performed in New York 🙂

 Ivan (cello) and Gleb (guitar, voice, lyrics) were drinking together long before they decided to play together.  At the beginning, it was just a guitar with a cello. Then at the another party we met Vitaliy.That’s when all hell broke loose.

  – Have u ever been abroad Ukraine?

Oh sure.

 Vitaliy visited many places with concerts (USA, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic).  Of course, we envy him.  Everyone would like to perform in New York, or at Alexander Platz.  Ivan was in England and Germany at international educational programs, where he was taught a modern approach to the process of creating music.

 Gleb just was abroad.

Once we came to Budapest with a guitar and a cello (don’t ask why did we drag them) and accidentally performed at one of the venues. This situation, the people’s reactions inspired us so much, that we decided to create songs in several languages. So that when we go somewhere next time, people would understand us completely, not partly.

  – When was your 1st album published and what does this mean for u?

We’re working on it right now.  This is an important process for us and we sacrifice a lot of time in order to make it sound good for all of us. Especially for this, we moved in together (almost in one place, across the road) and made our own mini-studio, where we record everything. We just want to do something that we consider worthy.

  – How come u are in the Rock are as a band, some people say Rock and its genres have ‘passed away’ … Your opinion about it …

We just hate trap :))). Actually we are experimenting with music.  And it doesn’t mean that the next song will be in “rock” genre.

  – Have u tried your music in front of a big audience (meaning people they know about Rock music)? What where the reactions?

Each of us had an experience of big stage performances with a large audience, but we’ve never played a really big concert together yet. The only thing, we took part in the performance of “The Art of Democracy. The Art of Love” with around 300 people were present.  The reaction was positive. For now we have our own audience, which is very pleasant.

  – Your goals and your thoughts of KH Band in a decade from now …

We hope that the world will survive, we will grow up a bit and record several albums. We will make a tour with concerts in all the places we have been to around the world.  Vitaliy will be rewarded with a personal Grammy.

  – What are your goals if u reach a bigger audience with your music? Fame, Fans, Moving to another country, Higher Purpose (hahahaha)??

We would be happy if a large audience will understand and accept our messages and thoughts. Fame, fans are indispensable, but still side effects of what is called success. We would like to stay in our country, to create here (in our two-floor studio house, which we want so much 🙂 and help it to become better.  And to ourselves too.

 Otherwise, Vitaliy will fly back from the future and shoot us.  In the past.

  – Are there any true words or meaningful lyrics in your music? Manner – Wind .. Your tracks …

All that is written is born out of experienced conditions (states).  Find your dark sides, bring them to the surface, elaborate them and recycle into something worthwhile. That is the point.  To get better.  Thereby helping to become better to someone else.

 This is not an easy question.  because people often find some own senses.

  – Is music your main occupation or u work in different areas to make your dream come true?

We are working.  A lot.  More than necessary.

  – What would be your main needs from an art social network, like the one we are trying to create?

Find like-minded people, hear feedback

  – What would be your proposals to make it a better place for artists?

Maybe somehow to increase the network, so it would become a worldwide art venue. To involve some investors. Maybe to do some creative advertisements.

  – Give us your definition for the word ART …

The fastest way to transfer your inner world

  – Send us your message and throw your punch line for our readers and future audience …

People, be kinder to others! Or Vitaliy from the future will come…

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