Chiara MagnI & heR finGer PaintinGs

chiara magni & her finger paintings

SittinG in the morning sun and enjoying a cup of coffee we stumbled across Chiara Magni from Italy (by the amazing Garda Lake – as she describes it) and we felt like a lava of colors and feelings were all over … Hello there Chiara Magni from Italy – Garda Lake (laughs …)

Give us a brief about u Chiara as a person and as an artist (throw
some lines) …

Hello hello, my name is Chiara Magni, I’m 31 years old and I live in the north of Italy. I am a professional painter, I’m specialized in the finger painting technique. All of my works are done with oil paint. My style is impressionism with a bit of abstract and a pinch of fantasy.

How about your style as an artist, how would u describe yourself as
a painter?

I am specialized in the FINGER PAINTING, this means that all of my works are done with my fingers, the paint is applied in a very textured way and can give a 3D effect. Painting with your fingers is an unique feeling and a whole new range of feelings, you can be in touch with the paint, you can mold it in you hands, oil paint would get warmer and softer if you keep it long enough in your hands; the creative process begins the moment you squeeze the paint out of the tube to your fingers.

How to describe myself as a painter, well maybe I’m living in a dualism, I see a phenomenon that I cannot even explain but that fascinates me a lot: as you can see my paintings are full of strong colors and they are quite joyful, so Chiara the painter has the aim to make people feel better with her art, she wants to cheer the observer up and wants to communicate only positivity with her art.

Then we have Chiara the person, well she is totally different, her favorite color is black, she dresses almost always in black and sometimes white, but almost never with colors, she listen to Metal and has a crush on Marilyn Manson… she designed her home with very few colors, everything is black and white in her home too….

This is something that I cannot fully explain to myself but I found it very fascinating and funny too. Maybe as I used to be quite introvert and not a happy person in the past…. well luckily enough that is now over and inside I am exactly has happy as paintings are or maybe even happier!

Have u ever participated in international exhibitions and if not
would like to?

I’ve had shows in Zurich and London. I do have something exciting coming up in the next future but I cannot reveal it yet….It would all be announced on my social networks…. knock on wood

What is the definition of your art name Chim Fine Art?
At some point, many years ago, I’ve found myself signing my paintings with “Chim” and so I’ve came up with Chim Fin Art, it stays for Chi(ara) M(agni). It is just my signature and comes from my name and last name….nothing exciting sorry hahahahah

Which are your goals as an artist?
I aim to keep on inspiring more and more emerging artists, I want them to know that they can make it, they can be successful and they can live their dream. At the same time I want to keep on being collected all over the world by all those amazing people that understand my art, and want to invest in living artists.

My paintings are done to bring colors, joy and hope to the collectors, many of my collector and followers tell me that they would look at my works, in person or in photo, whenever they need to feel better or they just want to say “home sweet home”. I’ve had people texting me and telling me that my art have helped them going through very very hard times, like the loss of a loved one or very sever illnesses….. how could I be happier? There is not amount of money that can be compared to creating such an effect!

Are there any extra income or your main living is earned through
your art?

No this is my only and full time job and yes I make a living with my art.

What are the difficulties that u are facing as an artist?
You would not believe it but by doing this job for several years I’ve realized that the only difficulties where in my head! There is no other reason or no other stops. At the beginning there were some many times here I wanted to give up or I would let myself get overwhelmed by fears and demons, the best decision I could take was to go on, be true to myself and absolutely never give up. I really had to go through sweat, blood and tears but I’m so happy I did. I could not see myself doing anything else.

I’ve not over 150 paintings in few years, I’m collected all over Europe, USA, New Zealand, Israel and even Saudi Arabia. I’ve learned that you really need to give yourself time and respect what you are.

Favourite painting technique and why?

Everything that is not hyper-realism, but is dreamy impressionism, with some unknown elements, and absolutely done with a very fat and textured oil. Doesn’t matter if you apply the paint with your fingers, with wooden sticks, with brushes or spatula as long as that piece is giving you EMOTIONS.

Who is your favourite artist or artists and why?
Van Gogh, Monet, Sorolla, Klimt, Singer Sargent, Renoir, Degas and so many more that I admire and respect. Why? well as they all do the exact type of ART that I’ve explained in the question above.

Have u ever thought of moving outside your base in Italy and if yes
where would that be and why?

Yes, but is it still a secret, this too will be disclosed on my socials at some point …. 🙂

We have seen that u have already won some awards as a painter ..
Tell us something more about them …

Yes in 2018 I’ve won the “Artist of the year award”. It was very cool and I was very happy, then i’ve honestly decided to focus on other part of my carrier, if other awards will come I will be happy but i’m not much interested in that type of thing. The only reward and award I’m looking for is making people happy with my art.

What would be your advice to artists that start their career now?
I think that I’ve already answered a bit to that; but well I can say “be enough BRAVE to be the first one believing in yourself”

If there was a global art social network, what would be the features
that u are expecting to see and use out of it?

Oh wow that is very interesting question, social networks nowadays can be something dangerous or deceiving, but at the same time they can be amazing, they can make you known, they can help you reach the other side of the world and they can give you an unique feeling when you content goes viral….they can really be a make/break point. I would like a social where all the artists gets the maximum views and where all of the members engage in honest way, a place where we could really connect and help each other, a way where the collector can easily buy and can easily share the work of the artists…… but maybe we already have all this, the only problem is that we have also too many people not fully worth of trust, but well the show must go on and thanks enough the World is full of amazing people!

Would u participate in one of our ‘Art for Change’ festivals here in

Sure! I’am ready!

Your moto and line that follows u through life and art …
“Aim to the soul not to the wallet”

Give us your wish for the future …
Expand and expand more, reaching more and more hearts, being loved and understood by many many many people and uplift this society with my ART

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