Irene PouliaSsI heR gOals – SomewhEre arOund RealiTy

Above ‘critisiZing and Satirizing‘ is a dialogue that is never ending … Somewhere in between we met Irene Pouliassi and had a talk about her as an artist and … ??

So Irene good day … Tell us something more about u as a person, as an artist and as an organiser as we can see from this latest work here in London …

Good day to you too Andreas and thank you for this. Well, I can’t say I separate between the three. I am always in a quest of expression and I feel lucky that I have surrounded myself with people having the same weirdness and ambitions as me. It is my inspiration to work harder to accomplish my goals.

Having read your Statement the main question is Why an Artist in this World?

Quite bleak and ominous isn’t it? The art world is a tough road to follow but on the other side as an artist, you can talk, criticise and express your worldview in a unique way. Through an artwork, a performance, a music piece you convey your opinion and at the same time one can draw their own conclusions. This message you are conveying can speak to each individual at a personal level. I would boldly say every artist can do their own propaganda and speak to every member of their audience directly.

Give us some details about your latest exhibition in London along with other artists ‘Unsheltered as it is’?

‘Unsheltered as it is’ is a project created by Will Coups who also is the curator of the exhibition. We have collaborated together on many projects as well as he was the curator of my solo exhibition in Athens ‘Ritalin Shots’ last November. We share a common world view on the role of art and for this show Will wanted to showcase all these contrasting outlooks on the current state of the world. This show packed a punch straight to the gut of what art should be and what it really is. In the plutocratic heart of Mayfair, eleven artists Exposed how dystopic the reality is. This was a bold move that we need from the creatives of our time and I am truly honoured I was in this show. Artists both from the UK and all over the world came together under a shared vision.

How can u describe your art and your perspective of your art?

Dystopic with bawdy humor- as I am personally, coming back to the first question. I like to play with symbols and taboos, to create visual puns. My works in general engage with trauma and aggression and most importantly I want them to have a piece of me, to speak loud and raw.

What would u like to achieve through your art and the lines that u have draw because of what u have been creating?

To criticize and satirize. Emphasizing the role of subjectivity and personal histories in this time full of wrongness. I dont like and I do not want to create beautiful art rather than meaningful one and that comes with a responsibility. Every artist has to take the responsibility of their work. Now with regards to the outcome, so far I could say my work has taken me to places I could not imagine and the responses vary ,with the most distinct being a visitor, after attending a couple of my shows he humorously said ‘From now on you will have to pay my therapist’.

Do u feel that artists have a higher purpose sometimes in this world? If yes please explain and give us some extra details about your opinion.

I do believe in people that have the will to work for a higher purpose and this purpose most of the time comes from a personal journey or a personal tragedy. Now when it comes to the societal role of an artist, I do believe in a higher purpose of the role to a degree, but as any other role not everyone can fulfill it to the utmost, and this comes back to the will power of every individual. I am kind of sick and tired of creatives seeking special treatment due to their job.

Would u ever come back to your birth country ‘Hellas’?

I don’t think I would return again permanently. However I keep coming back for my artistic endeavours as I love its vibrant emerging art scene.

How come u live in London? Is there something special for u?

Funny thing is I was ready to move to Paris. I had planned everything, tickets etc.. and then I had an exhibition in London. It was my first time coming to the city and I fell completely in love with the vibe and the art scene. It was like I was meant to be here and after a couple of months I courageously moved to London. Years later I still get this vibe.I get to meet people from every corner of the world and exchange opinions.

Do u feel that Athens and Hellas can become the home for new arts & new artists all over the world?

I believe it is already. Many artists from all over the world are coming over to Greece and Athens for so many interesting projects. In the past years Greece and Athens turned from a holiday idyll to a trouble spot. People wanted to speak up and artists expressed themselves raw. The growing number of people expressing their opinion, opinions that now speak to a greater audience hence , Brexit and recent global outbreaks led trend-spotters to herald the arrival of a new art era and Athens is front and center.

What do u feel that is missing the art world?

Solidarity. I think there is space to be more open and accepting. This year’s Turner prize was a great statement of solidarity and I think more people should follow this example.

Do u feel that it is possible to organize a big festival with lots of artists from several aspects of art (performing arts – fine arts – street arts – ect) in London or somewhere in the UK? Can we make it happen ?

Of course, London is very open and supporting. I really enjoy when people of different creative disciplines come together under a cause and I would be happy If we could make it happen. And I mean it!

If there was an art social network (like the one we are trying to create), what would be your main observations – advises – thoughts – needs?

To be as an cross-border collective and people to share their day to day struggles as emerging artists. I believe creatives are romanticizing the ‘profession’ a bit and it would be very interesting if creatives from all over the world were sharing how the artscene of their region is actually working, what are the pros and cons as well as their experiences so far. To be a practically honest forum.

What is Art for U (besides your statement)?

I would say the much clichéd: way of living. And to explain even further with no intention to sound sophisticated or something. It allows me to live surrounded by creatives in every aspect of my life. It is always pleasant after a long day working to sneak around in private views having drinks with your friends discovering and meeting new people.

Give us your punch line for the end and a wish to all the readers – people ….

Infantilised Nihilistic Millennials….don’t be afraid to be a child of your era, don’t get bedazzled by the high culture, just seek inspiration from the person next to you and all I wish to you is good luck

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