Hello TherE LibertRee …

hello there libertree

Hello TherE LibertRee … ListeNing to some good music and enjoying a good wine along with Vaya came up a new interview with a young talented girl from the planet ‘My owN mUsic’ named after LiberTree ….

And so the jOurney begins …

What was the main reason that drew your attention to music?

Well, I am one of those people that always felt connected with music. When I was a child I was totally obsessed with cassettes – always with my headphones, always ready to hit record whenever there was some good stuff on the radio. I remember that my hands were too small, because with cassettes you had to press two buttons to record. Sometimes I messed up the beginning of a song and I really did hate myself for that. (laughs) …I started dancing and writing quite early as well, simply because music was my preferred way of communication. So to me becoming a musician was a natural conclusion.

What drew your attention to especially Trip Hop ‘a difficult and really special genre’?

The funny thing is that I only learned about the term Trip-hop because I had to put into words what kind of music I make. People kept asking and I had no „on point“ answer for them. So, one day I just sat down with my headphones and a glass of wine and started listening through music history. I began with the 1920s and then listened to the most important artists & albums of each century. I totally recommend this to every music enthusiast, it´s so much fun. After doing that I figured that Trip-hop is the most accurate description for my kind of music. So initially I did not decide to create Trip-hop music, I simply wanted to mix genres and not restrict myself in any way. I´ve always been obsessed with feeling as free as possible. I don´t like rules. My taste in music can be quite eclectic.

How ‘Libertree’ came up as a name?

Well, I had been searching for my artist name for many years but never stuck with any of them for very long. Do you remember „The Neverending Story“? Things can only truly exist if they have the right name! That´s what it felt like. One day I stumbled upon the word „Libertree“ in my notes (initially as a song name I think) and it immediately felt right. That was about a month before I released my
first EP (laughs). So I had an EP but no artist name. I remember having sleeping issues because of all the brainstorming I was doing – The moment I stopped searching, the name kind of found me.

What is the message that you are trying to give (2 us as listeners and art enthusiasts) through your art?

It´s funny that most people that know me personally are surprised by what kind of music I make. They perceive me as a „happy“ person and wonder why my music is „so sad“ and „introverted“. It´s funny because I don´t feel like my music is sad. It´s thoughtful. I am a very thoughtful person. I love understanding. I love learning. I love discussing complex topics. I love figuring things out. I love dreaming. To me everything belongs together. You can´t be truly happy if you don´t know what it means to embrace all the other emotions as well. I guess that is my message.

Libertree 2

Are there music categories and new trends around the corner?

I think that we are in an unbelievably interesting time of music right now. The mainstream is struggling, there are „new ways to share art“ popping up every day. I think we will see some amazing artist emerge in the next years – not because they were signed and backed up with lots of money but because they are willing to share their true selves. I am honestly already seeing Instagram ads that are more inspiring than the stuff featured by important music blogs. So ya, I think things are changing. But not only in music. I think there is a worldwide demand for authenticity, we are just leaving the age of „fake it till you make it“ and I think we are approaching the age of „live it and do not apologize“. I´m excited about all the artists that will catch our attention in the coming years.

‘Berlin Calling’ or somewhere else around the world?

What I love most about Berlin is that having a strong character does not make you an outsider. It´s ok to be weird, sometimes even required (e.g. clubs). But I also love other cities and countries. Traveling and making more friends all over the world is a dream of mine. Most of my friends travelled a lot in their early twenties but I´ve always been a workaholic. I have travelled because of work before & I am really looking forward to visiting new places because of music in the future.

In the artistic world people are saying that Athens is the new ‘Mecca’ of arts and civil around the world … What do you think about it?

Really? I did not know that. Unfortunately I have never been to Athens. But since I am very interested in history, philosophy and mythology my idea of Greece and especially Athens has always been that it´s a source of wisdom, culture, art and beauty. I´ve been to Greece this year for the first time and another association was added: the people are so kind, cheerful, open minded and not fake in any way. I will definitely come back! Oh and I love the food 🙂


How about organizing a music concert & workshops here in Athens along with some other musicians?

That sounds fun. I´m always open for interesting projects and ideas.

Where does inspiration come from?

For me inspiration can come from everywhere. I read a blog article the other day that tried to establish the idea that inspiration does not exist; That it´s all about quantity and that these magic moments are a myth. Well not for me. I mean of course you have to put in the work but most of my best songs were written in a flash. When you hear a little melody in the background of a documentary and immediately have to stop everything you do to write & record a song in a few hours. Or when you read an article and feel the need to understand your own thoughts on this specific topic. Or when you meet someone that makes you feel a certain way (good or bad). I find movies very inspiring as well. Every time I´m composing new music there is a scene with a certain kind of coloration in my head.

What is the most difficult situation that you are facing when in a concert, in your every day life as an artist and through a collaboration?

I think creating new stuff & being true with myself has always been very easy for me. The hardest part is always the sharing. Some people create music to share it and I share music because I created it. I don´t know but showing you my art is the most personal thing for me – let it be a new release, a collaboration or a concert. It ´s like opening my soul & give away a part of me. Sometimes that´s terrifying. I always fall into depression before a release and when it´s done I´m like: „well, that wasn’t that bad, actually it was kind of fun.“ I guess I´m a hopeless perfectionist. (laughs) Sometimes it´s hard for me to let go & just chill.

What is Art for you?

I remember, one time a guy got really angry at me because the hook of a song didn’t unfold the way he expected. He actually left me a message ALL IN CAPS telling me how disappointed he was and you could really feel his despair and confusion between the lines. That was obviously a very extreme and kind of funny reaction but I honestly feel like he´s not the only one viewing art as a service. But to me the purpose of art is not to simply give you what you expect. It´s about challenging our own believe systems – one way or the other. I personally love leaving things open for interpretation. To me that´s the true beauty about any form of art. That there simply is no right or wrong way to create or view it. It´s „make a wish“ somehow. I find that fascinating.

What are your thoughts of the near future and the one that u are really looking for?

That´s a tough question. There are so many things I want to do, so many projects & ideas that I would love to realize. I´m a dreamer but also a step by step person. The next step is to come up with a dope live program. I am (or maybe I should say we are) working on that. I think playing live will be very cool & deep…

What is your best advice for new artists (meaning the ones that start now)?

I think figuring out what you want long-term is a good start. Every artist & every journey is different. Independent music and independent art in general requires making artistic decisions on different, sometimes unexpected occasions and there are endless ways to do it. So if you don´t know where you´re going long-term then you will probably end up copying trends or you simply loose yourself in trying to please everyone as a means to validate your art. So even if it feels stupid at first:
‘Make a mind-map’ – It helps you with organizing your thoughts. It´s going to help you with choosing the right tools & partners in the future.

What would u find really helpful through an art social network such as the one we are trying to create?

I like the way Reddit works and how people have real discussions on there. But I also love the visual approach Instagram has. So maybe a mixture of those two? A closed network where you can easily share your art but also have interesting conversations featured on your profile… I don´t know but I could see myself spending some time on a platform like that.

Analogue Music or the digital era?

Both! Analogue recorded music obviously has a very authentic feel and sound which is amazing for live events. „Classic“ Soul for example is one of my favorite genres, now and forever. But digital music gives you so much more freedom as a creator. Sound-design still fascinates me. It feels like painting with music; you can create moods in always new and exciting ways.

How would u describe your new album and what are your expectations?

I think with this album I actually started to make peace with my own weirdness. I´m just not willing to apologize for who I am anymore. That´s also the reason I called the album „A Beautiful Insanity“. My perspective might be confusing to some people but I am actually having a great time up here. (laughs). My brain – as crazy as it might be – is definitely my favorite body part. I also think that having expectations is never a healthy thing. I write music because I love writing music. I made an album because I want to play it live. And I will always try to deliver my best work simply because that´s who I am. Obviously I would love people to listen to it – but I´d suggest you do that without any expectations and just go with the flow (smiles).

Your hopes and dreams of what the future may bring?

Never speak too soon. Let´s see what happens and stay surprised 🙂

‘Make a mind-map. It helps you with organizing your thoughts. It´s going to help you with choosing the right tools & partners in the future

Give us your message to those who are intend of taking a good look to your music and words …

Hey there…my name is Libertree and I enjoy throwing around all kinds of genres – you can call it Trip-hop if you like. I am doing things my way – because: Why not & you will only know what I mean by that if you have a pair of headphones and about 40 minutes to go on a journey with me (laughs). My new album „A Beautiful Insanity“ is available everywhere.
Enjoy. Xx

Find Libertree online
Album: https://ffm.to/a_beautiful_insanity
Website: www.libertreemusic.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamlibertree/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iamlibertree/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/libertreemusic

M.A.G. :https://www.musicartmagazine.com/profile/Libertree

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