Kristian NirkA aloNg wiTh ItravEl Poetry …

What is your favorite book, who is your favorite writer, where is the best place for you to enjoy a cup of great coffee and a great anthem of poems? These are the words which formed the questions that started falling out of our mouth when we met Kristina Nirka and his project Itravel Poetry – Kristian NirkA aloNg wiTh ItravEl Poetry … The Story so fAr …

– How did all start Kristian?

Initially itravelpoetry was a personal blog that “debuted” in September of 2017. After a while I realised that I wanted to share this adventure with my friends so it became a literature page. Now it has a publishing activity as well.

 – What is the main objective of Itravel Poetry?

We believe that even if art can’t save the world in general, it can make the world of each individual a more beautiful place.

 – Have u found, so far, companions in crime?

The main members of the family are Maria Mouschourou, Christina Giavasoglou, Giannis Roumeliotis, Marilia Fotopoulou, Giorgos Perogvros, Ioanna Gerou. There are a lot more new members helping us with our mission.

 – How do u see the industry is going to react concerning your project?

The problem that we have identified is that if someone wants to publish a book he/she will have to cover the publishing costs. Our solution consists in applying the crowd funding principles to the publishing process.  More precisely, we present the book on our platform and the readers can pre order it. So we finance the publication using the money we gather from the pre orders. This has multiple advantages:

– The writer isn’t asked to pay for the book

– The readers have the opportunity to purchase good books at low prices

 – We know from advance the interest that the book generates so we can print a more    accurate number of books without having the risk of an excessive environmental pollution.

We have presented our concept at many business events and contests in France and Germany. The reactions were positive and there was an unexpected amount of interest about this endeavour.

 – Writers & artists .. Are they willing to make it happen?

Most writers are absolutely thrilled about the project and there are constantly new members trying to join in.

 – Where do u see Itravel Poetry & Kristian in the next 5 years? Is there a plan for the project or is just walking through foggy way?

If you asked me this question five years ago I wouldn’t be able even to imagine the nature of my current activities. It is my belief that one of the greatest skills a person should master is to constantly adapt and evolve.  So I can only promise you a more accurate and detailed answer in five years from now.

 – Are there any sponsors & investors interested on Itravel Poetry?

There was an investment firm interested in our book publishing model, but they insisted to develop the project abroad considering that the Greek book market isn’t ready for such an experiment.  We had to decline the offer because it is very important for us to make this happen in Greece initially and then possibly to proceed in other countries.

 – Do u feel that there is a romantic feeling that keeps people with project such as yours, going or is just a way of making money? Probably both? What is your feeling about it?

Generally I strongly believe that if a project is driven only by the will to make money, it is doomed to fail in the long run. Money shouldn’t be the objectif or the main priority. If you are passionate with what you’re doing then money will come as the result of your work and your dedication.

As for projects like ours, someone must be  crazy or naive to get involved in the publishing industry believing that this is a good way to make profit in 2020. You should definitely be inspired by something stronger and more profound.

 – How many publications so far?

So far we have two publications. Five more titles were about to be released in April, but due to the circumstances of the Coronavirus we are finding ourselves in a tricky situation.

 – How can u describe art in your own meaning & understanding?

For me art is like oxygen, an element substantial to life.

 – What are the difficulties that Itravel Poetry has been facing so far?

Sometimes the most difficult obstacles to overcome are not external but internal. As you may know, when you present your vision or your idea to the world, most of the times the reactions will be negative. You shall have the power to persist and to believe in yourself despite the uncertainties, and the inevitable failures.  Eventually it may wear you down. You may start doubting yourself, and finally give up.

I believe that there are two key elements for avoiding this eventuality:

First of all, one should have the right mindset; failures are just part of the process. Embrace them, learn out of them and evolve.

And then, one should choose carefully the people surrounding him/her. Having around you strong characters, dreamers and believers is the best and the most valuable asset. 

 – Are there any plans of making contests for young writers & artists so as to make them rise through Itravel Poetry?

Actually, this year we have organised the poetry contest “U Write”. It is already the second biggest contest for a single poem in Greece, even if it is only the first time that it is being held. We hope that next year it will be the biggest (prize wise) poetry contest on national level, and one of the biggest in Europe. In the next months there will be a storytelling contest, as well as a photography contest. We consider that contests are an effective way to make people get interested and motivated in sharing their work.

 – What are the criteria of peaking a writer and trying to make it happen?

Talent, personality, moral values.

 – Would u like to participate as a project in a festival for arts in Hellas?

We would definitely be very interested in discussing more about such a project.

 – What is your opinion of creating an art social network, that will gather artists – venues – public services & entities – projects and act as an umbrella? What are your proposals (if there are any)?

I think this is a very innovative idea worth exploring. It would make the lives of artists far easier. Also, fans will have access to a lot of interesting stuff. There are benefits for journalists as well because they will be able to investigate easier the artists’ activity.

 – Give us your moto and punch line for the readers that describe what u feel, who u are and a blessing …

Well, I’m not sure if it is considered as a punch line, but the first thing coming in mind is an an extract from a poem of William Blake;

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand

And Eternity in an hour “

Be safe and take care of your loved ones.

Kristian Nirka

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