Mag & Decadence club meet International Artist Blo

mag & decadence club meet international artist Blo

Mag & Decadence club meet international artist Blo on September 26 until 30. 

The whole building outside will be fully covered by a giant mural that the artist Blo will design, matching the history and the meanings of Decadence.

Our platform M.A.G. unites its forces with Decadence club for a unique 4-day event dedicated to celebration, development, inspiration, Love for art and history ….

In collaboration with Decadence Club Academy, we invite the international French artist Blo directly from Berlin for the visual intervention in the exterior of the historic property in Exarhia – Athens Downtown


A 4-day event in and out of Decadence Club Academy area with an open call to artists – musicians – performers – street artists and people from arts and culture to celebrate all together the official re-opening of the historical space that gave life and inspiration to many young people inside and out of boarders.

Art through the eyes of the ages-Mag & Decadence club meet international artist Blo and Friends

decadence outsideThe event will take place in the context of the events for the arrival of the 2nd Art for Change Festival of Music Art Magazine (Mag) and the inauguration of the permanent exhibition – sale – interaction within the Decadence space.

Do not sleep in battlements! The struggle to take the city into our hands is just beginning. We unfold the headphones back from the shelf again, at last to hear our own songs again, as John Lennon used to say…


Visual Intervention: International Artist Blo
Artistic landscaping: Alexandros Vakirtzis
Music editing: many & various vibes

Decadence Club Academy: Poulxerias & Voulgaroktonou street.

Fb Event Here :

Music Art Magazine

MaG is the 1st real time platform created dedicated to up rise and inform about New Artists all over the world that want to show their work ....

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