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As you dance in an abstract artistic place, where people fancy other people and keep on drinking white spicy little drinks …. In there u can realize that u have been addicted to a different type of dance music ….. flowing to the air along with great bass lines and hippy tunes, formatted by a happy rhythm and that is Super Flu’s rhythm …

What was that triggered the Super Fluproject and when that happened?
Even before we met in 2005 we were both DJing with vinyl. Our paths crossed in the intersection of expression. Mathias wore this new hi-tech body that had buttons in the back, and we started talking during the dying swan.

Super house or deep house / techno style or freestyle?
We have everything with us as we work solely based on the BoB-principle, Best of the Best. Usually we focus on the best sounds of the world that everyone else is using as well, they have already complained.

strawberry fields Have u gained any good friendships besides playing in places around the world or is strictly business with u?
Unfortunately, we are rather antisocial when it comes to making contacts. The sad thing about it is that we encounter a lot of great people on our travels through the techno world. But in general we are very happy if we manage to spend some time with out long-term friends back home between touring and being in the studio.

Germany nowadays is considered the Mecca of arts (mostly Berlin) … what is your saying on that?Berlin has something very special to offer through its East/ West story, but we believe you can see and feel art all over the world actually. It just depends on how you define art and what meaning it has to you personally. So we don’t think that is completely fair to say ;>

How about visiting our country Hellas for a show, since your last one was 2 years ago – are there any proposals?
If someone books us we are very happy to come!

filarmonikerDo u find it difficult on visiting so many places and performing your music throughout so little time (20 plays in 40 days)?
If we can make it and are not too tired we always take some time to do a bit of sightseeing. As a musician it is a dream to be able to travel around the world. However, all the flights and hotels can also turn into quite a nightmare (to exaggerate a bit).

What is the main goal of the interesting duo Super Flu for the near future and what are your thoughts for your label–Monaberry?
On July 21st we will perform our album Musik 3 as a classical piece together with the Mannheimer Philharmonics. This is a big point of focus for us at the moment. Monaberry is heading into the summer break, but afterwards we continue with the BoB-principle. It will be a new kind of design on the next Monaberry-releases by the one and only “Moritz Götze” (a famous artist from our hometown Halle).

Are there any good talents that we should be aware of for the near future through Monaberry’s music?
The next release will be from Bebetta and Cioz. We think you will hear a lot more from these guys in the time coming.

Musik-3What is Art for u?
Everybody comes wearing white things, eating white things and drinking white things.

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