Iris Scott is the first Finger Painter in the World and In M.A.G.’s heart

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On a typical Hellenic afternoon we just bumbed onto Iris Scott the finger painter artist and felt like a Rainbow just came out of everywhere… Happy Iris Scott’s interview in M.A.G. has given shinny colors and feelings of creation below…


So Iris how about having the one and only title of the 1st finger painter all over the world? (Typical question but surely needed).

Yes i’m the first professional full time finger painter in the world, that’s me. It’s funny.

You have the name of a Hellenic ancient goddess … How does this feel and do u feel the power in u ?

It makes me feel empowered this name Iris, Greek for Goddess of the Rainbow. It makes me feel destined to paint with all the colors and not limit myself.

iris happyHave u ever been proposed to come and teach in Hellas or even exhibit?

No, I have not had the offer to teach in Hellas.

What is the thing that painting should never lose for u, so that u can keep on doing your great art?

Painting should never lose your sense of self, you SHOULD paint what interests you. But who is the self? Are we not all one deep down? Aren’t all people somewhat the same collective consciousness of human? I feel connected to my viewers, they are 50% of this art form for me. I am always considering the audience and how to affect them.

Have u ever been insulted by a collector or a person that does not understand your art?

Nobody has ever really criticized me in person, online, or even in a comment thread. Surprisingly.

Besides that u create art with your hands, do u feel that people and art community has to pay attention into your art for what else?

Most people connect with images first, and then afterwords are excited to learn that it’s fingerpainting. I have not felt however that the finger painting component is the bulk of the impression. I believe the images are still front and center.

What is the one thing that makes u keep on creating every day?

I keep creating art everyday because then I don’t I feel empty inside. I have a relationship with the progress of my paintings, so when I don’t paint I feel both abandoned by a lover, as well as like I’ve abandoned my dearest friend.

Where in the world have u felt similar or closer to what is called home for u?

New York is currently my home. But Seattle is my birthplace, and I’m considering going to Santa Fe, New Mexico to call that my home. Santa Fe has been beckoning me.

What is the role of your family on who u are today ?

My family has been supportive this whole journey. My dad was a bit critical at times when i was young, but not overly. Just enough for me to try as hard as possible to impress him.

Is there a favorite gallery in which u would like to exhibit and have not yet? And which is the one that u have already been there and had the most out of it?

A gallery I would love to exhibit in is actually a museum, the MoMa Museum of Modern Art in New York. I exhibited once before in the Home of the Future gallery of Microsoft once and that was a lovely collaboration experience with the tech world.

Finally I would like to hear “what is art for u” ?

What is art for me?? Well, for me art is a metaphor for God. Or creation. Or nature. Or the all that is. DNA repeats and repeats and repeats….and then there is a small mutation, and these mutations are built upon again and again over time to perfect or master an environment. Art for me is just like this phenomenon. You copy copy copy, and then you delicately test with an experiment. Great art is a slow process that takes tens of thousands of hours, and sustainable mutations.

Art is a God / Goddess inside of each and everyone ….. Iris Scott 

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