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An active art community is alive in Athens. It needs a home. Utopia Laboratory is in the process of fulfilling this need. Due to unstoppable passion, hours of hard work with poor recourses have already delivered Utopia in an half finished stage. Help us push it further. Complete Utopia!


We imagine a place, a home for restless spirits, to create and accomplish their ideas. We want an available space for projects including dance, theater, music, photography, literature, architecture, crafts, poetry, performing arts, painting, and philosophy, psychology, even for inner self research or meditation and energy balance. It is a very big project, a lot of people thought we were crazy; we are trying to make it work. This is why we call it Utopia.


We have a vision of an active community, in the center of Athens. A community that interacts and helps others get to their goals. Where great minds will find the room to come up with big ideas. Artists will collaborate and share their art and everyone will be able to research, balance and come in a better state of being, with themselves as a person and as a human.

To make all the above viable, we put in use an exchange program. This program regulates the use of the space and facilities. It is based on the idea of self-management. People who use the space are responsible for it and they offer their time and skills for every need that comes up, like cleaning, equipment, supplies, etc. The exchange program is an important tool to maintain but not to fund Utopia. Nevertheless it removes the stress and gives the opportunity for artists to focus their energy on their projects.


We believe in a universal state of art. Art should not be an advantage for the elite. Everyone in this world has the potential to create, to explore new ways of being and enjoy creative moments. In Greece lately it seems a luxury to promote art by the belief that culture is a necessity ….

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MaG is the 1st real time platform created dedicated to up rise and inform about New Artists all over the world that want to show their work ....

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