Greg Ignatovich aka Mr Vagabond and his Reveal to our Platform …


Greg Ignatovich, a Hellenic dude that takes over the world with his various tunes in Several moods … Meet Greg Ignatovich a young and talented dj – producer and of course Label Owner along with his dream …

So a Hellenic dj & producer being heard through some of the most known and well respected dj’s throughout the world … Some thoughts and feelings…

Having your tracks played by super star djs like Solomun is an unbelievable feeling.. But before that let’s make something clear: making music is about emotions and having fun and this is exactly what I am doing along with my partner in crime Alexandros Djkevingr at the studio. We can make a groovy track the one day, but some other day making something darker depending on how we feel . There are no boundaries on House & Techno and only one secret of being noticed: Hard work and consistency

What was the 1st time that u felt like taking your life into a music warp and trying living from this?

When I was 16 I started going to parties and I fell in love immediately with electronic music. So i bought two Technics and a mixer and i started practicing at home every day after school. Since then I couldn’t stop djing . Few years later I had some good residencies and i took the decision to start living from djing and promoting events. I was 19 years old

Who are the 2 people that u are glad to have met?

The 2 most important people in my career who made me who I am today is Tasos Anthopoulos, a greek promoter who guided me through my early years and of course Alexandros Djkevingr, my studio partner who is my musical other half

Have u ever thought of moving abroad to try expanding your career and if yes then what are your 1st choices and why?

Yes I am thinking of moving to Barcelona to expand my career: breathtaking city with amazing electronic music culture

Has ever been an opportunity of performing next to a big world known name and u have rejected it and if yes why?


What are your feelings about dance scene in Hellas and especially in your hometown Thessaloniki?

I feel proud about the Hellenic dance scene because right now is at it’s best. We have big concert events all around Greece, guesting  with worldwide djs, visiting many cities and islands almost every week. There was a huge project in Corfu this year and of course Mykonos was on fire with so many new venues regarding House & Techno. My hometown Thessaloniki is also on a great vibe producing concepts like Reworks Festival . Finally we have many brilliant Greek producers with a global recognition

What is the biggest label u have signed in for a track?
Later this year I will be signed to Solomun’s Dyinamic Music (Mag’s exclusivity)

Check a bit of Dyinamic’s boss … Solomun performing Greg’s Track HERE

How about your own label?

I am taking my label Vagabond on the next level this year with Vagabond Ibiza , Vagabond Moscow, and with so many showcases and new residencies . Also I will be signing well known tech house artists this year as well as young talents. There is a big plan regarding Vagabond for 2017-2018 and I am determined to make the difference for my brand

What are your top 5 artists in Hellas?

We have amazing producers and djs in Greece. If I had to choose only 5 I would say Echonomist, Paul Anthonee, Detlef, Elias Tzikas and Alexandros Djkevingr

What are your top 5 artists in general and is there someone that is how u imagine yourself in some years or want to (your row model)?

Dixon, Tale Of Us, Dj Tennis, Joseph Capriati and my row model Solomun.

Your best party ever was?

My first time at the legendary Venue Dance Stage!

In final what is art for u Greg?

Art has to move you so you can feel creative and calm in a room of chaos

Official Fb Page : Greg Ignatovich

Check some Videos Here :

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Posted by Greg Ignatovich on Mittwoch, 19. Juli 2017

Vagabond Chalkidikitesting our new track ''Filikos''

Posted by Greg Ignatovich on Mittwoch, 24. August 2016

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