Fashion art with colorful fruits and veggies by Gretchen Roehrs

fashion art

The famous fashion illustrator Gretchen Roehrs from San Francisco had the fantastic idea to create some ink sketches with fruits and vegetables. So, she embodied colorful fruits and vegetables and created the desirable haute couture with her funny way.

Her brain is exciting of all these colors and shapes and she just want to create her fantasy. She wants to share that moment with people and make them laugh, make them happy.

The fashion designers that she admires and inspired by them are classic designers like Oscar de La Renta and Valentino and designers from the early century like Paul Poiret and Madame Grès.


art with fruits and vegetablesGretchen Roehrs has the talent to turn into fashion vegetables and fruits. Her ingenious mind can easily arouse our senses with success!!!

happy dresses of fruitsShe went to school for fashion design and product development at Stephen’s College in Columbia and she thinks fashion is all fantasy.

When she graduated she was able to draw fashion figures different from the traditional human forms. Then, she found more interesting and easier to draw funny fashion figures.

haute couture with fruits and vegetablesShe started doing it as a joke to a friend and she developed her creativity. She enjoys walking through the farmers market in California because it is like a gallery for her. All these colors and shapes are the inspiration. She can create a 60’s mini skirt with a fig or a flapper dress with a carrot.

dress fruitsBanana peels, green beans, berries and other fruits and vegetables used to be some of her source materials…But now she also uses peas, peppers and other materials for her fashion figures…

She loves cooking and finds very interesting the art of cooking too.

Admire her adorable art work with these photos!!!


Find more on her Instagram account.

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