Best Street Art without boundaries-around the world

Best street art

Street art around the world is one of our interests because it has no boundaries. Art is an expression of what the artists feel and through street art they are able to express these feelings and share their art passion.

Street art can also be used to express social messages in a way that people will find interesting.

love life

The truth is that street was born as graffiti which artists used to give messages to the public with something social or political about it.

art is not a crimeSoon this way of expression started to expand to artists using public places, buildings, sidewalks, or other places they could use.

Escaping criticism, ParisStreet art is visual art created in public locations, usually unsanctioned artwork executed outside of the context of traditional art venues. Other terms for this type of art can be “urban art”, “independent public art”, “post-graffiti”, and “neo-graffiti” around the world.

Street art Glaskow Scotland

Common forms and media can include spray paint graffiti, stencil graffiti, wheatpasted poster art, sticker art, street installations, and sculpture. Then, imagination full of feelings, history and travels will create the best street art around the world.

Chile. Explore the World

We collect for you some of the best street art around the world in this gallery…

1. Melbourne-super heroes by Fintan Maggee.fintan-magee-melbourne

2. Malaysia-Monkey by Ernest Zacharevic.Ernest Zacharevic Kuching, Malaysia streetart3. Seoul, Korea-street art.Seoul, Korea4.New York-Beatles by Tom BobNew York Tom Bob

5. Senegal-street art by C215C215 in Senegal6. Paris- Charles Leval street artcharles leval paris7. London-Street art Imagineimagine London8.Vietnam-street art by Julien Seth.

Vietnam street art By Julien Seth.

9. Philadelphia museum of art- Salvador Dali. 

salvador dali museum of art Filadelphia10. Los Angeles-Angelica Christina Upon Reflectionangelica christina upon reflection los angeles11. Malaysia-Ernest Zacharevic

ernest zacharevic street art II12. Verano, Spain-Splash!-street art.

spain street art13. Psyri, Athens-street art

Street art in Psyri14. Serbia-the light street art

Serbia street art

You can enjoy more here

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