The interview of Rachel T Harris between her “angelic” appearance and her towering, heavy-bodied art…

Rachel T Harris supports that her aim is to break down the barriers of traditional art industry hierarchy by challenging human assumptions and observations. Her work is a daily endeavor of lending both her art and her physicality to the viewer’s gaze, which she find enhances her overall vision. Working in the realms of painting, illustration, and design, she creates textured, large-scale pieces using raw materials, mostly from DIY construction projects, evoking elements of spontaneity and industrialism. The art demonstrates contrast, both visually and conceptually. The materials she uses never manifest the same way twice, while also leaving a hauntingly signature style.

Enjoy her interview below and her artwork too…

So Rachel when was the beginning of all these?

These? Are you asking about when I became an artist? If so I started sketching at a young age. I am told 5 years old. I got really good at portraiture and life drawing, and was accepted to art college in San Francisco where I got my masters. I became a working professional shortly after and I have been a self employed artist the last three years.

Are you enjoying creating art with your own body or just your paintings and pictures?

I don’t create work with my own body, other than the traditional use of my hands. I like to capture myself during the process of working which in it of itself looks creative and has been referred to works of art but it’s photography and it’s an documentary of the process of my work and not the work itself. I enjoy this process of capturing the work, I do however most enjoy creating it. I would paint with or without the audience but I find it propels me to further my work and ads a unique element to my process.

Which are the reasons that force you make your creations and exhibit

them like you do (meaning also your public social tools such as instagram)?

I use the tools I have access to, as any person should. The generation I grew up in was given a unique platform in which we can connect with a lot of people from all around the world so I use that to the best of my ability. I do question the amount I should engage with the outside world and how much I should keep for myself it’s a balance that’s forever evolving.

Have you ever tried working abroad?

Yes, I had pieces at Hong Kong art Basel, an art show in Paris, I have a studio in LA and Miami, i am currently working on a project in Mexico City and recently moved to Australia where I plan to create a new body of work.

When was the 1st time that you felt like exhibiting your work and what was the force or the need that made you do it?

I had just finished art school and I had a large body of work I hadn’t shown yet. I rented a space and just decided to go for it, on my own, rather then, wait to be discovered or work my way up the gallery ladder which to be honest is made up of a social scene i never felt apart of.

Where is your inspirations coming from? Is reality one of your


I find inspiration from lots of avenues, music is a big one, space, nature… People tell me often my work reminds them of outset space and planets. The work is supposed to look organic and psychedelic

Are there any proposals of making exhibitions or events in other

countries or continents?

Yes, I am in Australia, currently working on a collaboration with I am Gia the brand, I am also expanding my #rthpaintparty working with big festivals and rebuilding a studio space in Melbourne.

Have you ever visited our little but beautiful country, Hellas?

No, unfortunately.

How would it seem if we invited you in one of our festivals to

participate among artists throughout Europe?

Would love to!

Have you ever thought of mixing with other artists and their own expression and interact so as to create a unique technique of mixed arts?

Yes! That’s why I created the rthpaint  where I work with other graffiti artists.

Are u willing to participate in an interactive event such as a concert

or a theatrical and create a whole series of canvas to exhibit them?

Yes! I have done many murals at festival. Music is a big part of my life and creating with the viewer in mind is a big part of my thesis.

What is your way of describing Mr Trump?

Embarrassing. Hence my absence in the USA.

Thank you Rachel …

Enjoy more of her artwork here

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