Album covers of Depeche Mode recreated with success

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The inventive body painter from Los Angeles Pashur recreated all the album covers of  Depeche Mode with success. He used a woman model painted in black color and the suitable material for every album.

The artist shared with us in exclusivity these words :

” I made the project last month. I pitched the idea to them. I didn’t think they went for it. Then a few months later they emailed me and said, we love the idea – you will be featured on the DM facebook page in 10 days. So I had 10 days to make the props, find a model, photograph the model and edit the images. Being that I had other projects going on at the same time – I technically only had about 3 days to do it all. But I am so glad they chose me to be one of their facebook fan participants. I had wanted to create that series of images for a long time and their offer pushed me to get it done. ” – Pashur 

Pashur, always wanted to create a series of artistic creations inspired by Depeche Mode, which are both iconic and beautiful  .

He wanted to combine the sleek, iconic look of the album cover “Violator” and the sexiness of  Anton Corbijn photo, of the nude model that posed on the “Personal Jesus” single.

To achieve this he took iconic elements from each of the Depeche Mode album covers, painted them in vibrant colors, and in contrast had a model painted completely black pose with each one.

“I always wanted to create a series of artistic creations in body painting, which would be inspired by the albums of Depeche Mode”
-Pashur House

ViolatorVIOLATOR 1990

The artist  Pashur achieve to combine, in his own exceptional way, the elegant, iconic look of the “Violator” album cover and the sexiness of Anton Corbijn nude model that posed for the single’s cover “Personal Jesus”.



It is in a special way and meaning that in their first alum has a nest in its cover, that maybe was foreseeing the evolve of a music band so loved in thy audience!

The specific album is much more intense and brighter in its tone and melody than their last ones and that is what Pashur managed to emphasize exceptionally!



This album introduced a much more lyrical form in the bands music content and transcendence. ”Construction Time Again” included a series of political themes which caused the poverty that Martin Gore had seen on a trip he had taken to Thailand.

Pashur showed the necessary respect in recreating this piece of art .


Pashur, gave us the tip that for this particular re-creation used the chain because ‘the chain represents the bio mechanical sounds of this particular Depeche Mode album’, but also the chain of the single cover “Master and Servant”.

The album’s cover shows a newlywed couple who stand outside of an industrial area and the artist Pashur, initially thought to use a wedding veil or a wedding bouquet, but he was overwhelmed by the unique and unforgettable sound of  ”Some Great Reward”!

Finally, his creation rewarded us and we can say we were fascinated  !!!


In the album ,”Music For The Masses”, the idea of the loudspeakers gave the kind of ironic element which the title has, to put this loudspeaker in the middle of the dessert which wasn’t really to do with the masses at all. Pashur created a loudspeaker, using a child’s sea bucket and he made the middle piece of the siren, out of craft foam.

The artists lateral thinking take off  in this recreation as well !


The album’s cover ”Songs Of Faith & Devotion” is the only from the band to features themselves covered in a purple colour. In this case, Pashur in devotion and with a great faith in his work uses as a symbol, a purple cross near the model’s face.

This was the first album of Depeche Mode, that top charted in both UK and USA, from its deput .



Maybe the most controversial album with uncounted positive comments, but also a rating of 2,5 stars from Rolling Stones magazine. Once more Pashur created a small miracle and transformed the little creature called “Mister Feathers”  in Depeche’s Mode album, in a woman angel with a bright halo shining above her head.

How many stars are you rating?

Pashur helped pave the way for the modern body paint industry with his first image, a pregnant cyborg incubating a cyborg baby fondly named “MotherBoard”. Since then Pashur has been instrumental in the main stream inclusion of body painting in current media. His influence can be seen throughout the industry. Pashur has traveled all over the world doing artistic
body paint projects for the past 20 years! 

MAG thanks a lot  Pashur who sends the complete series of 15 images inspired by the album covers of Depeche Mode.

Enjoy them in this gallery.

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