Renovating – Restoring Decadence Club Academy – Athens …

    Decadence Academy & Club

    Renovating Decadence Club Academy -Athens …

    Featured artists in Mag’s platform have literally been managing the whole inside restoration and renovation of Decadence Club Academy & Creative Workspace in Athens (previous handled outside by the International Artist Blo), showing their skills and imagination through working on building materials, such as wooden cases and concrete walls, hand made iron cases ….

    Their basic influence was dragged through the building’s memories and history, but also through several days of brainstorming along with the club’s previous and historical creator ‘Nikos Lakopoulos’ and the creative imagination of a mechanical engineer ‘Thanasis Mandalos’, who will also be the place’s manager after the restoration – renovation with each previous management as a consultant …

    Deo Karnaby says about what was the most difficult part of his work and what finally led him in creating this canvas

    The most challenging part of the process was to preserve the original texture of the wood. I also wished to save this substance of the “oldschool Athens”, that has been impregnated through the years, on this very multi-coated plaster.

    These were his words ..

    Now we feel that we have to leave the photos (part 1) to speak by themselves …. And as Nikos Lakopoulos keeps on shouting ‘ Do not Sleep Be Alert on the Battlements’ … !!



    We save some words for part 2, but also for u to find out .. !!

    Decadence Club Academy will be MusicArtMagazine’s physical base in Athens Downtown .. !!

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