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As most thing in life, everything began with a journey. In the summer of 2015, armed with a flute, a guitar and two voices, Eirini Chouliara and Melina Atreidou travelled far and wide among the windy Aegean islands, where they met, heard and savoured cultures from all over the world. Hence, through the life-giving tool of contamination, “Meliri” was born, a versatile duo that flows out of the Greece borders and into the fierce sea of global music. Moreover, starting from 2017, the two-girl band became a three-manned crew, giving to the sorrowful wails of Tom Waits, the traditional ballads of Epirus and the captivating storytelling of Italian and Spanish songs, a touch of violin and cajon, thanks to the skilful Marios Podara. “Meliri” are now ready to sail ahead and take you on board for their musical journey across the border!

Ειρήνη Χουλιαρά:τραγούδι-κιθάρα,
Μελίνα Ατρείδου:τραγούδι-φλάουτο
Μάριος Ποδάρας βιολί,καχόν.κιθάρα




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