Paul Markos

Paul Markos – Musician / Dj & Producer


Paul Markos says :

I am a DJ and radio producer. I play mostly electronic music. I am playing music for the last 15 years. I started in Greece playing in parties. Later I started playing professionally for a couple of clubs and seaside bars. From 2010 to 2014 I produced music for radio Click FM Rhodes. From 2012 I am producing music for Be Radio Athens. The show airs every Sunday 1:00pm to 3:00pm ECT.

I have played for many fashion show parties in Athens Greece. I have a YouTube channel and have uploaded many mixtapes. I have created many music sets for Tonic D (YouTube channel). I am currently collaborating with JdrArtzDesign and have created some visual/music projects: Grabitate, Paradox Eye, The Walking Techno, Serotonin. We will be releasing shortly a new project called Black Sugar.

I live in New York for the last two and a half years.





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